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At Kingdom House Solutions, we possess a wealth of experience in the realm of real estate investments, renovations, and property transformations. Our team is adept at identifying lucrative investment opportunities, redesigning spaces with flair, and turning properties into stunning gems.
"Invest For Tomorrow, Today."
KingdomHouse Solutions invites Private Equity Partners to fund the purchase and renovation of distressed properties.
Terms: Partners receive a secured 12% interest-only balloon payment at the end of a 6-12 month term or 15% of net profit.
Secure Investment:
  • Deed of trust
  • Promissory note
  • Evidence of insurance
Secured Return on Investment:
  • 60% Rule buy strategy to ensure profitability on property purchase
  • Before and after footage
  • Renovation checklist
  • Project timelines of completion
  • Realtor and brokerage resources
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