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"Discover Financial Freedom"
Kingdom House Academy provides an educational platform in the real estate market, empowering individuals to achieve homeownership dreams. Through ownership, we emphasize the significance of leaving a generational legacy, ensuring future generations have access to the necessary tools for success in real estate and in life.
"The session was very informative, great connections for those that may be struggling with credit issues.  It gave me motivation for home ownership and testing the waters with real estate investment.  You were awesome!" - Vicki Pope (Charlotte, NC)
"Real estate broker and business owners Kevin and Shannon Dixon used their experience to produce a quality product; Kingdom Real Estate Academy. I got an understanding of real estate terms; the current market and saw how the average renter could own their own home with just a little homework. The course covered understanding real estate terms, credit repair and how to secure a loan from the bank. I was most interested in the investment opportunities, which teaches you how to use the static equity in your home as leverage to invest in multiple properties. I was amazed that the course was absolutely free and incorporated biblical principles throughout the presentation." - Alfred Strickland (Charlotte, NC)
"Proverbs 24:3 states, “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established”. Before attending KingdomHouse Real Estate Academy, I didn’t know anything about owning my own home. I didn’t know nor understand the importance of owning my own home, what I needed, outside of money, to buy a home, nor did I have the faith to believe I could be a homeowner one day. The academy provided me with the  foundational knowledge on what I needed to know about buying my first home. I was taught  real estate terminology so I could have a better understanding about the real estate industry. I was also provided a thorough layout on how to prepare myself to buy my first home. I learned the importance of credit and the impact it has when buying a home. The academy also laid out the benefits of owning my own home, and most importantly, I left believing it was possible to own my own home. Kevin’s testimony inspired me and made me believe I, too, can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. Since the first day of attending the Academy, Kevin and Shannon have been there every step of the way. I can call them about any questions I may have, depend on them for spiritual support, and count on them to help me find the perfect home. I highly recommend attending KingdomHouse Real Estate Academy as it has prepared me to be able to buy my first home within the next year. It has blessed me with the knowledge and faith to be able to add to God’s Real Estate Kingdom!" - Fenecia Pattaon (Charlotte, NC)
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