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We are true kingdom believers and know that God has gifted us to live and operate in a state of greatness. Our vision is to transform the real estate process from overwhelming to extraordinary, impacting everyone to live in abundance. We strive to provide quality affordable housing options to help our clients achieve their ownership dreams.

In the past 12 years, we have seen it all from the troubling housing market recession to the short sale frenzy. With the market on the rise, we will target distressed homes that will be purchased, renovated, and sold. In addition, we will go above and beyond for our clients by utilizing interior design and staging experts to help the vision of their dream home come to fruition.

Kevin Dixon

Kevin Dixon is a native of Salisbury, North Carolina.  He transitioned and settled in Charlotte, NC in 2004. In 2005, setting his sights in the real estate market, Kevin began working for Wilkerson ERA Real Estate.  Kevin gained valuable knowledge and experience with purchasing, renovating, and selling homes excelling in the market. 


At the time of the economy’s major housing recession, Kevin gained a new prospective and purpose in the real estate market.  It was no longer about creating wealth for himself.  Kevin realized that no matter the circumstances, whether renting or purchasing, everyone deserves a place to call home.  Not only is Kevin passionate about purchasing and selling real estate but he loves teaching and equipping both individuals and families on the path to homeownership.  It is his belief that owning real estate not only enhances your overall quality of life, but more importantly it provides a generational legacy.


Kevin is always learning new real estate opportunities and trends.  He also enjoys being involved in church, watching sports and movies, beautiful 75 degree weather with a slight breeze, and most importantly, keeping his wife Shannon happy.  Kevin’s mantra is simple:

Romans 8:6


“For to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

Shannon Dixon
Operations Manager

Shannon Dixon is a true Carolina girl with a rich background and a variety of experience in communications, operations, project management, marketing and helping others.


She is an artful closer and relationship-builder, winning national sales awards throughout her career. She currently serves as an Operations Manager for KingdomHouse Solutions.


Outside of spending time with Kevin, she passionately devotes herself to attending and serving in church, gushing over her godsons and goddaughter, experiencing new restaurants, spending time with friends, cooking, and ending her day with an amazing glass of wine outside on the porch in true Carolina fashion.

Shannon believes that every individual or family should invest in themselves by owning real estate and leaving a legacy to generations to come.


Shannon grounds herself in two major statements:


“Today's battle is not tomorrow's war.”

Meredith Gray, ABCs Grey's Anatomy

There are 3 things you cannot get back:





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